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Discover Canada's trusted UV lash supplier

Beautibeam — Canadian based company, best choice for top-tier UV lash supplies. Leading the lash extension industry, we equip lash professionals with advanced UV lash products, from innovative UV LED lash lamps to precisely formulated UV lash glues.

Our commitment is to empower lash artists, enhancing their craft with our transformative UV lash solutions that define quality and innovation in every application.

Explore the Beautibeam Advantages

Double Your Income or Halve Your Work Hours

With Beautibeam's advanced lash solutions, provide double the retention time for your clients. This remarkable efficiency means you'll spend half as much time on touch-ups each month.

Unprecedented 100% More Retention

Beautibeam sets a new standard with an extraordinary 10-12 weeks of lash retention, ideal for for Fitness Enthusiasts, Face-sleepers, Eye-rubbers, Oily skin, Oil-product users, Steam enthusiasts, and clients sensitive to traditional adhesives.

Reliable Performance in Any Condition

Our UV lash system is meticulously engineered to deliver unwavering results across all humidity and temperature ranges, ensuring your artistry shines through no matter the environment.

Application Time Reduced by 20%

Efficient and precise curing process significantly reduces your lash application time, allowing for a smoother and faster client experience.

Minimized Irritation

Experience a remarkable decrease in irritation with the use of Beautibeam's UV lash adhesive. Our innovative lash adhesive technology is a game-changer for sensitive clients, offering unparalleled comfort.

40 times less impact than being 10 minutes under the sun

Beautibeam ensures minimal UV exposure; Using Beautibeam for a full-set appointment has 400 times less UV exposure than 10 minutes in a solar bed and 40 times less than 10 minutes under direct sunlight.

Innovation Behind Beautibeam's Advanced Technology


PrecisionLED Technology

PrecisionLED is the heart of Lumina Pro in the Beautibeam Starter Kit, merging innovation with artistic precision in lash extensions. Crafted from the finest materials, Lumina Pro emits exceptional light, perfecting each lash application. Lumina Pro offers unmatched reliability and precision, elevating your lash extension experience.


Photoreactive Ingredients

At the core of Adhesive Max is a cutting-edge polymer formula that activates with light, ensuring a bond that's both robust and enduring. Designed for longevity, Adhesive Max promises a lash bonding strength that redefines durability in lash extension adhesives.


Vision Mastery

Beam Guard protective eyewear offers unparalleled UV defense, ensuring tranquility and safety with every glance. Specially crafted for clear vision and a comfortable fit, these UV protection eyeglasses are the quintessential safeguard for every lash artist, providing peace of mind during intricate lash work.


Tested and Approved

LuminaPro assures unmatched safety standards. Illuminate with confidence. Safe and trusted. CE, RoHS, FCC, ISO/IEC 17025, EMC, IEC62471 and EN62471. Available on request.

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Beautibeam Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Beautibeam Different from Other UV Lash Extension Suppliers?

Beautibeam stands out in the lash extension market with our innovative UV technology and premium quality products. Our unique PrecisionLED and Adhesive Max technologies ensure longer-lasting lash extensions, superior safety, and efficiency, as well as every day fast responsive support waiting to answer all of your questions and help you in any way we can.

Is it safe to use Beautibeam?

Short answer is yes! LuminaPro, UV LED light's safety is backed by research and science. We prioritize your well-being with rigorously tested UV technology. For an in-depth understanding of our safety measures, please visit the "Science behind Beautibeam" page accessible from our main menu.

To put it into perspective, everyday sunlight is far more powerful than LuminaPro light, yet health professionals still recommend brief morning sun exposure for vitamin D. Rest assured, the Beautibeam system adheres to stringent safety standards, including ISO/IEC 17025 certification, ensuring a safe and professional lash extension experience.

Isn't UV light exposure dangerous?

The safety of UV light for lash extensions depends on several factors, including the type of UV light, exposure duration, distance, intensity, and the device used. Beautibeam utilizes a specific spectrum of UV light designed for optimal safety during brief, controlled exposure periods, ensuring it's safe for professional use. Learn more about our safe UV application on our Science behind Beautibeam page.

How can I encourage clients to try the Beautibeam system?

To persuade clients to use the Beautibeam system, focus on educating them about its efficient process and the substantial time they will save with longer-lasting lash retention. Explain that the system's UV light exposure is minimal, especially when compared to common activities like solarium visits or sunbathing, which carry greater risks. It's important to mention that health experts recognize some sun exposure for its vitamin D benefits. Assure clients that Beautibeam meets rigorous safety standards. However, it's vital to respect their choices and ensure they feel no pressure to use the system. Their informed and voluntary consent is our priority.

How should I adjust prices with Increased Lash Retention?

- With Beautibeam's system enhancing retention rates by 100%, you'll find clients need refills less frequently, extending refill intervals by an additional 2-4 weeks. This efficiency means shorter appointments and less frequent visits
- Our recommendation? Maintain your current refill prices. Although you'll spend less time per client, your income per minute increases. For instance, a client who previously had 60-minute refills at $60 will now enjoy a reduced session time of 30-40 minutes for the same price, enhancing value for both of you In summary, clients enjoy sustained high-quality results, and you benefit from a more profitable, time-efficient service offering.
- For further guidance on pricing with increased retention, simply send us a message here through our website and our Instagram: @beautibeam.

How Beautibeam can potentially double my income?

Beautibeam is designed to potentially double your earnings or halve your work hours. How? By doubling lash retention, clients require 30-50% less time per session, allowing you to accommodate more appointments or enjoy more free time.
- Clients benefit too, as they may pay the same or less monthly, depending on your pricing structure. We recommend maintaining current prices to avoid disruption and maximize client satisfaction. With shortened appointment times, your earnings per minute increase, providing you with a choice to expand your clientele or reduce working hours without sacrificing income.

What if my Beautibeam doesn't work? I don't like it? or I can't work with Beautibeam?

Should you encounter any issues with our products, rest assured, our customer support is available every day from 8 AM to 8 PM to assist you.

If Beautibeam doesn't meet your expectations, or if you simply change your mind, our 14-day free return policy ensures a hassle-free experience.

Check our Return Policy page for more information.

In the unlikely event that Lumina Pro malfunctions prematurely, we stand by our quality with a swift replacement, backed by testing for 50,000 hours of operation. Our comprehensive support, hassle-free returns, and reliable warranty offer you peace of mind with every purchase.

How can I return Beautibeam products?

Returning your order is straightforward and hassle-free. Simply contact our customer support within 14 days of your purchase. They will guide you through the return process and provide all necessary information. For detailed steps and conditions, please visit our Return policy page. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and convenient experience for all our valued customers.

How Long Do Beautibeam Lash Extensions Last?

Beautibeam lash extensions are designed for exceptional durability. Typically, they can last between 10-12 weeks with proper care and maintenance, significantly outlasting traditional lash extensions.

Are Beautibeam Products Suitable for Sensitive Eyes?

Absolutely. Our Adhesive Max, are formulated with sensitivity in mind. They are gentle on the eyes, minimizing irritation and making them suitable for clients with sensitive eyes.

Can Beautibeam Products Be Used by Beginners?

Beautibeam products are user-friendly and suitable for both beginners and experienced lash technicians. HOWEVER, we highly encourage lash techs to master the lash artistry with traditional adhesives first, then start using Beautibeam system.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted by Beautibeam?

Beautibeam accepts a variety of payment methods, including major credit cards, PayPal, and other secure online payment options, ensuring a convenient and safe shopping experience for our customers.

What Are the Shipping Options and Times for Beautibeam Products?

We offer various shipping options to meet our customers' needs, including standard and expedited shipping. Most orders are processed within 1-2 business days, and delivery times vary based on the chosen shipping method and destination, typically no more than a few days.

Beautibeam's Commitment to Excellence

  • Canadian Pioneer: Embrace the local touch with Canada's trusted UV lash leader, chosen by professionals.
  • Effortless Shopping Experience: Benefit from free, fast shipping Canada and world wide wide, easy returns, and diverse payment options, including instalments.
  • Free education and training: Unlock your potential with our free, expert-led training and exclusive ambassador program rewards.
  • Advanced Lash Technology: Superior retention and innovative UV lash products set you ahead in the beauty industry.
  • Dedicated Support & Integrity: Count on our transparent, honest service with comprehensive support to guide your journey.

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