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Beam Guard

Beam Guard

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Beam Guard Eyewear - (Yellow tint - Black Temples) Vision. Protection. Evolution. The BeamGuard Ultra Violet Protective Eyeglasses. Meticulously designed with an expert's insight and anchored in pioneering technology and craftsmanship. These glasses are your shield made of a unique polymer blend that converges lightweight flexibility with robust durability, offering clarity as well as safety. Experience the future of protective eyewear.

Beam Guard specifications:

Weight: 25 g (You can barely feel it) 
Protection level: Complete (Yellow tint) 
Material: Precision-molded polymer 

Is it safe? How to use it?

How does Beautibeam work?

Beautibeam's system mechanics is simple:

Adhesive Max, activates via the recaption of the weakest form of Ultra Violet light and LED technology. Because of the system's nature, the adhesive activates faster, and provides a dramatically stronger bond than traditional adhesives.

If you're concerned about the safety issues please check out the "Science behind Beautibeam" page in the main menu and our "How to use it" page above.

What is PrecisionLED technology?

Beautibeam's LED lights are designed and manufactured to provide a monochromatic singular wavelength of ultra violet light of +395 nm to ensure the maximum safety standards and reliability over a long period of time.

This is different than nail gel LED lights or solar panels.

What is UV Lash System?

A UV Lash System utilizes UV light to cure specialized lash adhesives quickly, providing a drastically more durable bond for lash extensions than traditional drying methods like as moisture reactive lash glues.

Do I have to wear the Beam Guard?

We highly advise to wear it. One because it looks cool, second to ensure the long-term safety of your eyes, and third to reduce short-term tiredness.

What are the black tapes and eyepatches for?

To eliminate any unnecessary exposure of your client's face with the light and maximize safety, we highly advise to use them for each appointment based on the instructions given on our "How it works" page.

If the light is safe, then why should we follow safety protocols?

"Safe" is a subjective condition, dependent on how you use a tool. For example: any traditional adhesive is considered safe, however, if you use it unwisely and pour it in someone's eyes, then it's not only unsafe but also extremely risky. Therefore, you tape the eyes to ensure the safety of the client.

The same rule applies here, Beautibeam, with the right procedures is transformative and can be used safely; However, if used unwise it's no longer safe.

We always want to maximize safety, and minimize risk; therefore, we highly advise to always take safety very seriously.

How long does it take the order to arrive?

We do our best to deliver all items within North America in 1-7 business days, depending on where you are located.

I'm not sure about using it, can I return it?

Yes, we have a 14 day free return policy in place to enable you to make a zero risk decision.

Please check out our return policy page for details before ordering if you're concerned about returning.

What if the product arrived broken or the light stopped working after a month?

Lumina Pro has passed the 50,000 hour longevity test so it should work for your for a long time.

However, if your light unexpectedly stopped working for no reason too early, we'll replace it with a new one as soon as possible.

Please check out our warranty policy for details.

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More than twice as much retention

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