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UV Lash Glue - Adhesive Max

UV Lash Glue - Adhesive Max

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Adhesive Max: The Ultimate UV Lash Glue for Long-Lasting Elegance

1s curing Adhesive Max


The pinnacle of UV lash extension technology with Adhesive Max — your top choice for UV lash glue as the most long-lasting lash adhesive.
Our avant-garde photoreactive formula delivers unparalleled bond strength, setting new standards for durability and sophistication for all lash glues.

Perfect for fitness enthusiasts and face-sleepers, people with sensitive eyes, Adhesive Max promises superior performance. Experience the transformative blend of advanced chemistry and meticulous craftsmanship with our adhesive, designed for exceptional retention and unparalleled comfort across all skin types. Available across Canada, including Toronto, Adhesive Max invites you to discover a lash extension experience that transcends expectations, ensuring your lash artistry shines in every environment.

Adhesive Max Features

UV/LED Compatibility: Perfectly formulated for 395nm-420nm, 5W UV LED lash systems, Adhesive Max is the ultimate UV lash adhesive for professional use.


Extremely Rapid 1s Adhesive Max sets the standard for fastest-curing eyelash glue, optimizing lash application efficiency.

Crystal Clear Color: Achieve invisible bonds with our clear lash glue, ensuring flawless UV LED lash extensions application every time.

Precision Thin Viscosity: Crafted for exact application, this professional lash adhesive allows for unparalleled accuracy.

Clean-Formulation: Latex and formaldehyde-free, Adhesive Max is the safest choice for sensitive clients seeking hypoallergenic lash glue. Hypoallergenic: reducing the risk of causing allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

4 Seasons Humidity Performance: Our lash adhesive thrives in any humidity, making it the most versatile long-lasting lash glue on the market.

All-Temperature Resilience: Performs flawlessly across temperature variations, reinforcing its status as a reliable eyelash extension glue.

Unmatched 12-Week Retention: Double the durability of conventional adhesives, establishing Adhesive Max as the premier durable lash glue.

Bond Strength: Designed for enduring wear, our formula provides the strongest UV lash extensions bond, ideal for all sorts of clients.

Minimal Fumes: Specially formulated for sensitive eyes, our low-fume lash adhesive prioritizes client comfort.

Expert-Level Formulation: Exclusive to skilled professionals, ensuring top-tier results with every application.

Optimal Shelf life: A 5-month shelf life guarantees the freshness of our 5 ml bottles.

Water and Oil Resistance: Offers immediate water contact post-application, with oil-resistant properties to maintain bond integrity.

No more bonders: Eliminates the need for additional bonders, with a primer needed only sparingly, reinforcing cost-efficiency for lash application.

Is UV lash applicaton safe? How to use our UV lash system?

Adhesive Max Specifications

  • Compatibility: Suitable for 395nm-420nm, 5W UV LED systems.
  • Container Size: 5 ml.
  • Color: Clear.
  • Viscosity: Thin.
  • Humidity Tolerance: Effective across any humidity level.
  • Curing Time: Averages 1 second, user-controlled.
  • Retention Duration: 10-12 weeks.
  • Bond Strength: Very strong.
  • Fumes: Very low, suitable for sensitive clients.
  • Skill Level Requirement: For experienced professionals only.
  • Temperature Stability: Performs consistently at any temperature.
  • Shelf Life (Unopened): 5 months.
  • Safety: Latex-free and Formaldehyde-free.
  • Resistance: Oil and water-resistant post-cure.
  • Additional Considerations: No bonder needed. Primer use optional, 1-2 drops per application recommended.

Adheisve Max Ingredients

Adhesive Max UV Lash Glue Ingredients:
Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, PMMA, Photo-initiators

Photo-initiators in lash adhesive formulations react to specific wavelengths of light, triggering polymerization.

How to Use Our UV Lash Glue

Prepare Your Adhesive

  • Shake Well: Vigorously shake the adhesive bottle with the cap off while holding a nozzle wipe folded on the tip to prevent spillage, for 30 seconds to ensure the formula is well-mixed. This step is essential for achieving the best results with our UV lash glue.
  • Dispense Properly: Dispense the glue as you normally would onto your preferred surface. Immediately after dispensing, use a nozzle wipe to clean off any excess adhesive, negating the need for a glue spinner.

    UV Lash Adhesive Bottle Care
  • Air Removal: Before resealing the lash glue bottle, gently squeeze to expel any trapped air. This precaution helps maintain the adhesive's integrity and prevents premature curing.

    Pre-Application Checks
  • Lighting and Distance: Prior to starting your lash extension appointment, test your UV light angles and distance. Adjust the amount of UV lash glue used according to your findings.
  • Avoid Unintended Curing: Ensure the glue drop remains out of the UV light's path until you're ready to cure it, avoiding accidental curing.

    Optimizing Adhesion
  • Skip the Bonder: Our advanced formula eliminates the need for additional bonders or retention boosters, offering significant cost savings. Nonetheless, we advocate for thorough lash cleansing before application to optimize adhesion.
  • Primer Use: Apply primer sparingly if necessary. Typically, only 1-2 drops per appointment are needed, ensuring optimal glue performance.

How to store our UV Lash Glue

  • Ideal Storage: Keep the UV lash glue in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, to preserve its quality and extend its shelf life.
  • Shelf life: Adhesive Max UV Lash Adhesive must stay fresh un-opened for at least 5 months if kept in proper conditions.

Shipping Times and Policy

Fast and Reliable Shipping Across Canada, US, UK and Europe.
Conditions may apply to shipping to other parts of the world.

  • Speedy Delivery: Get your Adhesive Max UV Lash Glue swiftly with our expedited shipping:
  • Canada: 1-2 days
  • US: 2-4 days
  • UK: 2-5 days
  • Europe: 5-10 days

Returns and Refund Policy

Risk-Free Shopping with Our 14-Day Return Policy

  • Confidence in Your Purchase: Unsure about Adhesive Max? Rest easy with our customer-friendly 14-day free return policy. Shop with confidence, knowing you can make risk-free purchases. For more information, please check our detailed Return Policy.

Comprehensive Warranty for Your Peace of Mind

  • Hassle-Free Replacements: In the rare event that your Adhesive Max product arrives damaged or encounters issues, we've got you covered. Our Warranty Policy promises swift replacements for any defects, ensuring your satisfaction with every purchase.

Adhesive Max UV Lash Glue vs Other Lash Glues

Adhesive Max: Thin
Competitors: Medium to Thick
Traditional Glues: Varies

Curing Time:
Adhesive Max: 2 seconds
Competitors: 3-5 seconds
Traditional Glues: Up to 24 hours

Retention Duration:
Adhesive Max: 10-12 weeks
Competitors: 8-10 weeks
Traditional Glues: 2-4 weeks

UV/LED Curing Compatibility:
Adhesive Max: Yes (395nm-420nm, 5W)
Competitors: Varies
Traditional Glues: No

Adhesive Max: Clear
Competitors: Typically Clear
Traditional Glues: Black and clear are available

Fume Level:
Adhesive Max: Very Low
Competitors: Low to Moderate
Traditional Glues: Moderate to Very High

Safety Standards Certification:
Adhesive Max: Yes (Availabe on request)
Competitors: Not always
Traditional Glues: Seldom

Suitable for Sensitive Clients:
Adhesive Max: Yes
Competitors: Not always
Traditional Glues: Rarely

Adhesive Max: Yes
Competitors: Not always
Traditional Glues: No

Hypoallergenic: reducing the risk of causing allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

Cost Efficiency (No Bonder Needed):
Adhesive Max: High
Competitors: Moderate
Traditional Glues: Low

Oil/Water Resistance:
Adhesive Max: Very Resistant
Competitors: Moderately Resistant
Traditional Glues: Not Resistant

Customer Support:
Adhesive Max: Extensive (24/7 chat)

Competitors: Limited
Traditional Glues: Limited

Does UV Light Cure Lash Glue?

UV light is an effective way to cure photo reactive or UV lash glue, however, UV light does not cure traditional lash glues. Adhesive Max utilizes state-of-the-art UV technology for a quick and strong bond, ensuring your lash extensions last longer and look flawless.

Are UV Lash Extensions Safe?

Safety is a top priority for us. Adhesive Max's UV lash extensions application is not only safe but are carefully formulated to minimize irritation, making them suitable even for clients with sensitive eyes.

How Long Do UV Lashes Last?

When applied correctly with Adhesive Max UV Lash Glue, UV lash extensions can last for an impressive 10-12 weeks or until the end of the clients natural lash cycle; setting a new benchmark for durability in the beauty industry.

Are LED Eyelash Extensions Safe?

Short answer is yes. If used correctly lash application with LED light technology is a safe and far more effective way to apply eyelash extensions. Our products comply with safety regulations to ensure a secure application every time.

What Are UV LED Lash Extensions?

UV LED lash extensions are the next generation of eyelash beautification that cure with specific UV LED light, offering a quick, reliable bond that's ahead of traditional methods.

What Are the Ingredients in UV Lash Glues?

Adhesive Max prides itself on transparency. Our UV lash glue contains safe, high-quality ingredients, including cyanoacrylate, which is known for its strong bond and quick curing properties. For a full list of ingredients, refer to Adhesive Max's Ingredients.

Is Cyanoacrylate Glue Toxic?

In the quantities used for lash applications, cyanoacrylate is not toxic. Adhesive Max lash glue is specially formulated to be safe for eye area use, meeting stringent industry safety standards.

What Is the Best Eyelash Glue for Sensitive Eyes?

Adhesive Max is renowned for being the best option for sensitive eyes. Our UV lash glue minimizes potential irritation without compromising on the quality of your lash extensions.

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More than twice as much retention

More than twice as much retention

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Adhesive Max: Premier UV Lash Glue in Toronto and Across Canada, US, UK and beyond

Canada's Best UV Lash Glue
Adhesive Max is Toronto based lash glue for long-lasting UV lash extensions, offering a fast, safe, and superior lash experience tailored for Canada’s diverse clientele.

Canada's Professional Choice
From the vibrant streets of Toronto to the serene beauty spots across Canada, Adhesive Max is celebrated for its rapid curing and adherence to Canadian health standards.

Local Excellence, Nationwide Trust
Our UV lash glue is crafted for Canadian standards of beauty, providing Toronto’s professionals with unrivaled support and a product that outperforms in both quality and safety.

Be Part of Elite Lash Techs
Join a community where Adhesive Max is the benchmark for UV lash adhesives, embraced by Toronto's finest lash artists and esteemed across Canada for its exceptional results.