How to use it?

Click on this video to learn how to utilize Beautibeam. Specific details are also written bellow. 



Application steps: 

It's advised to cleanse natural lashes and eye area prior to taping.

  1. Secure bottom lashes with Micropore tape.
  2. Apply black eye patches.
  3. Overlay with white eye patches.
  4. Cover eyelids with triple-layered black Micropore tape, maintaining a 1mm gap from the lash line.
  5. Position LuminaPro at a strategic 20cm distance and approximate 45 degree angle, ensuring rapid adhesive curing in just 2-3 seconds, while prioritizing eye safety. 
  6. Begin by trialing the curing time on a few lash extensions, ensuring optimal results before commencing the full appointment.
  7. Once you've determined the ideal angle and distance ensuring safety, speed and accuracy, continue the application process until the appointment is complete.
  8. Gently remove the tape and eye patches.
  9. Using a fan on the eyes is optional, yet advised for those sensitive to light, as the tape obstructs all light throughout the session. 
  10. Instruct the client on aftercare and the importance of maintaining healthy natural lashes and the benefits of using Adhesive Max.