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Introduction to UV Lash Extensions

Beautibeam's revolutionary UV lash extensions products, are merging cutting-edge biochemistry and physics for unparalleled lash artistry. Our innovative, photoreactive lash adhesion method outperforms traditional moisture-reactive lash glues, setting a new standard in the lash extension industry. Learn more about the science behind UV lashes.

Advantages of Beautibeam UV Lashes

Transform the potential of your lash services with Beautibeam's UV Lash System, offering:

  • Double Retention: Extend lash extensions retention life by 100%, revolutionizing client satisfaction.
  • Faster Applications: Achieve more efficient lash applications, up to 20% faster than traditional lashing methods.
  • Reduced Irritations: Noticeably lessen irritations for sensitive clients, enhancing comfort during lash extension sessions.
  • All-Climate Performance: Our UV lash system excels in various humidity and temperature conditions, offering versatile and reliable results.
  • Economic and Time Savings: Boost your income and efficiency, benefiting both you and your clients with our advanced UV lash solutions."

Why Choose Beautibeam: Your Trusted UV Lash Supplier

As the premier Canadian UV lash supplier, Beautibeam excels in providing top-tier UV lash supplies with unparalleled customer service. Our dedication to excellence and superior service has established us as the preferred choice for lash professionals not only in Canada but also across the United States and Europe.

  • Free shipping: Enjoy the convenience of free shipping on all your UV lash product orders.
  • 14-Day Free Return Policy: Shop all your UV lash supplies with confidence knowing you have a 14-day free return option for added peace of mind.
  • Dedicated Support: Access our immediate customer support, available seven days a week from 8 AM to 8 PM, ensuring you always have the help you need.
  • Interest-Free Installment Payments: Benefit from our interest-free installment payment options, making UV lash products more accessible to everyone.
  • Complimentary Education and Training: Take advantage of our free educational resources, training, and onboarding for all Beautibeam products, enhancing your expertise in UV lash applications.
  • Expedited Delivery Options (Coming Soon): Look forward to our same-day and next-day delivery services within Canada, bringing efficiency to your doorstep. Look forward to our same-day and next-day delivery services within Canada, bringing efficiency to your doorstep.

    For more detailed information on our Beautibeam policies, please visit our Shipping Policy and Returns Policy pages.

Beautibeam: Globally Connected, Proudly Toronto-Based

Rooted in Toronto, Beautibeam serves professionals across Canada and extends its reach to the US, UK, Europe, and beyond. Our comprehensive shipping ensures that top-tier UV lash supplies are just an order away, no matter where you practice your artistry.

Learn about UV lashes by Beautibeam

UV Lash Extensions FAQs

Is UV light for lash extensions safe?

Short answer is Yes. UV light for curing lash extensions is safe with proper usage and protective measures during application. Beautibeam LED light use specific wavelengths that are effective yet gentle enough to prevent skin or eye damage.

What are UV lash extensions?

UV lash extensions are referred to a lash application method which uses a UV light sensitive adhesive for a very durable bond and longer-lasting wear. This technology allows for quicker setting times and enhanced retention compared to conventional adhesives.

How long do UV lash extensions last?

UV lash extensions typically last 10-12 weeks, varying by care and individual growth cycle. The UV curing process creates a stronger bond, significantly extending the life of the extensions most often passed beyond the natural lash cycles.

Is LED eyelash extension safe?

LED light technology for eyelash extensions is safe when used with industry-standard safety protocols, minimizing the risk of exposure with targeted, low-intensity light.

How do you remove UV eyelash extensions?

You can remove UV eyelash extensions with a regular lash remover that also works on conventional lash glues. This procedure must be done with a professional lash technician to ensure the adhesive breaks down properly without damaging the natural lash.

How long does a UV lash session take?

The efficiency of UV light curing reduces overall application time compared to using traditional moisture reactive lash glue. A full UV lash application in general takes approximately 1.5 to 3 hours depending on the service style; touch-ups are shorter.

Is Lash UV light bad for eyes?

Prolonged exposure to UV light of any kind can be harmful; protective eyewear is recommended. UV eyelash extensions applications use a specific light wavelength and intensity that can be used safely by following the proper guidelines.

Is it the new eyelash extension method?

The new eyelash extension method involves UV light reactive adhesives for improved adhesion, offering faster curing times and a significantly more secure lash bond.

Is it safe to use UV lashes?

When applied correctly, UV lashes are safe and provide long-lasting results, using industry-approved methods to ensure the safety and comfort of clients.

What is UV LED lash technology?

UV LED lash technology uses light instead of moisture to quickly cure lash adhesive, enhancing lash application. This method allows for precision and speed, significantly improving the lash extension experience.

Does UV light cure lash glue?

UV light effectively cures photo-reactive lash glue, not typical moisture-reactive lash glue. UV light curing lash glue ensures a faster and stronger lash application. This method enhances the adhesive's bonding strength, providing long-lasting lash extensions.

What are the core advantages of using Beautibeam’s UV lash extensions for professional lash technicians?

Beautibeam UV lash extensions offer lash technicians a competitive edge with superior retention, minimizing the need for frequent touch-ups. Our UV technology ensures swift application and strong adhesion, elevating the standard of lash extension services

Can lash technicians expect an increase in clientele by switching to Beautibeam's UV lash system?

Absolutely. The exceptional quality and durability of Beautibeam's UV lash extensions attract discerning clients looking for premium, long-lasting results, helping technicians to expand their client base.

How do Beautibeam products cater to the varying needs of different clients, especially those with sensitive eyes?

Beautibeam's range includes hypoallergenic options that cater to clients with sensitive eyes, ensuring comfort without compromising on the lash extension’s longevity or appearance. Hypoallergenic: reducing the risk of causing allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

What support does Beautibeam offer for lash technicians looking to switch to UV lash extensions?

We provide an extensive support system, including detailed product information, usage tutorials, and customer service assistance, to ensure a smooth transition to Beautibeam's UV lash extensions.

Do Beautibeam products comply with governmental health and safety regulations for professional lash technicians?

While there are no specific Canadian health and safety regulations for UV lash extensions, Beautibeam's Lumina Pro UV LED light adheres to high standards, boasting certifications that ensure its safety and reliability for professional use including: CE, RoHS, FCC, ISO/IEC 17025, EMC, EN62471. Available on request.

Why is Beautibeam considered one of the best UV lash suppliers?

Beautibeam is recognized as the best Canadian UV lash supplier in due to our commitment to quality, innovative products, and exceptional customer support tailored to the needs of professional lash artists.